Miglena Zhiyansky


Organisational unit Forest ecology
Address Forest Research Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
132 “St. Kl. Ohridski” Blvd.
1756 Sofia
Contact eng. Nadka Hristova
Phone: +359 2 9620447
Web: http://fri.bas.bg/en/miglena-zhiyansky/
E-mail: miglena.zhiyanski@bas.bg, forestin@bas.bg
Miglena Zhiansky
• ResearcherID: O-6671-2017
• Scopus author ID: 23391616100
Google Scholar – Miglena Zhiyanski
• Director of Forest Research Institute – BAS
• Member of the Scientific Council of Forest Research Institute – BAS
• Member of the Bulgarian Humic Substances Society
• Member of the International Humic Substances Society
• Member of the Bulgarian Soil Science Society
• Member of the UNECE ICP Forests Programme Group
• Member of the Ecosystem Services Partnership
• Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
• Associate Editor with Silva Balcanica

Research Interests
I am currently working as a Director of Forest Research Institute – BAS and I am very excited to have this chance to lead and contribute to an inclusive research agenda for forests – our treasure and its‘ people!
In my research activity as Associate Professor of the department of “Forest ecology” I have achievements in the field of urban and forest ecology, soil science and radioecological studies. In the recent years I am working on the problems related with elemental cycle in soil-to-plant system under climatic and land-use changes, ecosystem services assessment and mapping, green infrastructure in urban and peri-urban areas.

ESPON EGTC “Linking networks of protected areas to territorial development (LinkPAs)” project. 2017-2018. Coordinator (Bulgaria)
“Enhancing Resilience of urban ecosystems through green infrastructure” EnRoute, JRC – EC. 2017-2018 – team member. www.oppla.eu/enroute
„Toward better UNderstanding the Ecosystem Services in URBan environments through assessment and mapping TUNESinURB“, funded under the program BG 03 Biodiversity and ecosystems, Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) 2009-2014, MoEW – R Bulgaria and Contract. Д 33-82/14.08.2015. 2015 – 2017. Coordinator. www.tunesinurb.org
BG.03PDP2 „Methodological support in assessment of ecosystem services and biophysical assessment“ MetEcosMap, funded under the EEA FM, MoEW, 2014 – 2017 – team member, Leader “Urban ecosystems”
„Elaboration of e-based information system for vulnerable mountain regions” NSF, bilateral cooperation between Bulgaria and Germany. 2014-2017. Coordinator (Bulgaria)
“Geochemical and ecological characteristics of soils from urban areas”, internal project to the Dept. “Soil chemistry”, Institute of soil science, agrotechnology and plant protection N. Poushkarov, 2017-2019 – team member
“Study the combined impact of natural radioactivity, UV radiation, climate changes and cosmic rays on selected model groups of plant and animal organisms in mountain ecosystems”, INRNE – BAS, NSF. 2017-2019 – team member.

Past projects
“Land-use and management impacts on carbon sequestration in mountain ecosystems”, Bulgarian-Swiss Research Programme. 2011-2016. Principal investigator (Bulgaria)
„Complex assessment the potential of forest-tree and agro- species for creation energy plantations in Bulgaria” FRI-BAS, NSF. 2012-2015 – team member
„Distribution of radiocaesium in forest ecosystems from Greece and Bulgaria”, NSF, 2005-2007 – team member
„Mathematical modelling of soil organic matter in mountain forest ecosystems”, Interinstitutional cooperation – BAS, 2009-2010 – team member
„Programme of measures for adaptation of forests in Republic of Bulgaria to climate changes and mitigation the negative impact”, ExAF. 2010. Leader of Topic 5 – Carbon sequestrationCOST actions
Linking belowground biodiversity (BioLink) FPS COST FP1305, 2014-2018 – MC member and STSM manager
Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests (GreenInUrbs) FPS COST Action FP1204, 2013-2017 – MC member
Enhancing the resilience capacity of SENSitive mountain FORest ecosystems under environmental change (SENSFOR), ESSEM COST Action ES1203, 2012-2016 – MC member and WG leader
Belowground carbon turnover in European forests, EC COST Action FP 0803, 2009-2012 – MC member

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