Ecosystem based information system covering sensitive mountain areas in Bulgaria

Ecosystem based information system covering sensitive mountain areas in Bulgaria

Bilateral project: BULGARIA – GERMANY

The bilateral proposal is a multidisciplinary transversal network of scientists experienced in mountains, jointly developing a set of networking and mobility activities within the project scheme to address the following general goal: elaboration of ecosystem based information system for selected sensitive mountain areas in Bulgaria.

The project tasks are:

  • -To establish an observational network of existing field sites and experiments in selected sensitive mountain regions in Bulgaria, where parameters relevant to this bilateral project proposal to be analysed;
  • -To demonstrate the applicability of spatial and temporal indicators for selected ecosystem services in representative sensitive mountain regions in Bulgaria;
  • -To develop an ecosystem-based information system including climatic, dendrochronological, biogeochemical, limnological and periglacial datasets of selected sensitive mountain regions in Bulgaria to pave the way for capturing the complex interactions of climate and biogeochemical cycles in mountain regions at detailed scales.


This project is funded by National Science Fund (BG) and DAAD (DE), Duration: 2014 – 2016
Partners: Bulgaria: Academy of Sciences, Sofia (Zhiyanski, Boyanova, Gikov, Nedkov, Dimitrov); University of Forestry, Sofia (Panayotov); South-West University, Blagoevgrad (Nikolova); Germany: C.A. University of Kiel (Burkhard, Müller); Leibniz-Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development, Dresden (Grunewald)

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